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Diatomite Growth

Aerial photo of Diatomite property

Corporate Profile

Berry Petroleum Company is an independent energy company engaged in the production, development, acquisition, exploitation and exploration of crude oil and natural gas. Publicly traded since 1987, Berry’s primary operations are in three of the largest oil basins in the U.S. Berry traces its roots to California where it began producing heavy oil from the San Joaquin basin in 1909. In 2003, Berry added the Uinta basin in northeastern Utah, which has seen a resurgence of activity over the past several years. Berry has also acquired significant oil assets in the Permian basin in West Texas. At December 31, 2012, proved oil and gas reserves were estimated at 275 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). Reserve growth in 2012 was driven by activity in Berry’s three oil basins, which comprise 82.5% of proved reserves, with 46% in California, 23% in the Permian basin and 13% in the Uinta. Proved oil reserves were up 10% to 204 million barrels with oil reserves increasing to 74% of total reserves, compared to 68% of total reserves in 2011. Berry’s 2012 production averaged 36,402 BOE/D.

Berry’s Operating Locations

Western US map highlighting Berry's properties